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I have been honoured to serve as a Councillor since 2009. It has been both a great privilege and responsibility. I come from a background devoted to public service and I am keen to continue that tradition. I possess substantial experience and have the crucial ability to work with other colleagues across the Council chamber. With your support, I look forward to continuing my work on your behalf on Louth County Council.


I am a Dowdallshill native, the eldest son of former Cllr Seamus & the late, Marie Keelan. I have one brother, Fergal.


I was educated at Faughart NS and the Marist, and I am a graduate of NUI Maynooth and Trinity College from where I hold graduate and postgraduate degrees in Economics & Finance.


I have published several peer reviewed articles in journals on Economics.


·   Fairer share of funding for Dundalk Carlingford and District.

·   Fight for more local authority and affordable housing and an increased housing maintenance budget.

·   The need for more CCTV to tackle crime and dumping.

·   Advocate for more resources for community policing.

·  Improve traffic management and pedestrian safety on urban and rural roads.


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LCC – Housing: 'That the elected representatives be provided with the most up to date land and property asset registry of what the local authority currently owns.' (Nov. 2018)


LCC – Housing: ‘Regarding the reply given to my recent notice of question ((ID:3032 (7/2018)) on the housing needs assessment I propose the following: If an individual is removed from the list without returning a form to LCC but then subsequently reappears on the list later that year or next demonstrating an obvious housing need that their previous years built up should not be lost and that they can retain their previous position on the list and their years credited.’ (Sept. 2018)


LCC – Housing: 'Can the members be informed in each of the last 5 years how many individuals have faced the ultimate sanction of eviction under the Council's Anti-Social behaviour policy and how many exclusion orders and tenancy warnings have also been issued?' (Sept. 2018)


LCC – Housing - That this Council supports a change in legislation which would grant the Chief Executive the power to evict council tenants (who are known to be causing frequent and extreme anti-social behaviour against their neighbours) on the word of a Garda Superintendent. After the motion is referred to the Housing SPC for comment that it be then circulated to other City & Councils and to the Dept of Justice & Equality and the Dept of Housing, Planning, Community & Local Government (Oct. 2016)


LCC – Housing & Community - "That this Council revisit motion 907/15 adopted last year which called for a piece of infrastructure in the County to be named after Cumann na mBan mirroring actions in neighbouring counties particularly given this year as the centenary of 1916." (July 2016


LCC – Housing & Community - In recognition of the 100th anniversary of Cumann na mBan last year and a cross-party Seanad motion calling for appropriate recognition that this Council commit to designate an un-named piece of infrastructure in the county after Cumann na mBan and that once adopted the Cross-Party 1916 Steering Commitee in Louth will make the recommendation. (April 2015)




DMD – Housing & Community - "In light of the recent positive developments regarding a running track for the Muirhevnamor area in the near future what plans have the Council to either bring back the former Muirhevnamor pitch & putt course into public use or else to turn it over for use as another form of public amenity?" (Sept 2018)


DMD – Housing - "In each of the last 5 years how many applicants have been removed from the Dundalk Municipal Area Housing list for reasons other than having been allocated a Council house?" (July 2018)


DMD – Housing & Community - With regard to Estate Management Policy 2016, recently adopted at LCC, and the section on Estate Focused Management subsection 10, can the elected members be informed of A) What alleyways on estates or specific parts of estates do the Estate Management team hope to bring to the Municipal District to close-off during the remainder of our elected term? B) The proposed timeframe. C) What obstacles have been encountered in this process to date in not closing off more problematic areas that are contributing to anti-social behaviour issues? (June 2016)


DMD – Housing & Community - "While recognising the significant investment by Louth Local Authorities in the community centre in the Lios Dubh estate on the Armagh Road to date, this facility has been idle for some time. What plans have the local authority to put it back to use, given that Lios Dubh is a large local authority housing estate with a growing population of many young families?" (March 2015)




DMD – Planning - "Can the local authority confirmed that the Planning Office have given approval for an additional field entrance on the Racecourse Road East?" (March 2015)




LCC – Infrastructure & Operations: Can the members be provided with information on the following: 1) The current number of disabled parking spaces in the local authority area (broken down by district if possible) and 2) What funding Louth Local Authorities received from Central Goverment in the past 5 years to upgrade and introduce disabled parking spaces? (LCC July 2017)


DMD – Infrastructure & Operations - "That this Council, while recognising the present proposals to develop a pontoon/marina infrastructure in Drogheda, support the construction of a weir on the Castletown River to retain sufficient water to promote water-sport infrastructure and the feasibility of other river amenities. This will harness the river as an asset and improve its marketability as a tourism resource". - (DMD Oct 2016)



LCC – Environment: "In light of the increasing prevalence of Japanese Knotweed and Rhododendron and that this Council calls on the Minister for Agriculture, Food and the Marine to introduce an Invasive Species scheme for farmers that will help in the eradication and control of such species similar to REPS, AEOS or GLAS. In addition Louth County Council should take all necessary steps to help address the major problem of Knotweed, Rhododendron and other species such as Ragwort in public areas throughout the county." The motion to be sent to the Minister for Agriculture, Food and the Marine for comment. (May 2018)

LCC – Operations & Environment: "That this Council consider enacting a scheme to enable local businesses to sponsor our roundabouts in the county in a similar manner to the schemes currently in operation by Meath and Wexford County Council where sponsorship cost is determined by traffic flow. All businesses can avail of the scheme save those who promote the sale of alcoholic drinks and tobacco products. Proceeds from this sponsorship to be used to enhance the roundabouts through landscaping and maintenance." (April 2018)


Health & Public Interest


LCC – Health & Public Interest: ‘That this Council calls on the Government to enact into law a ban on the manufacture and sale of products containing microbeads in this state. The motion recognises that microbeads are a significant threat to Irish wildlife, in particular fish, and Irish drinking water. That the motion be then circulated to other local authorities and the Minister for Agriculture, Food & the Marine and the Minister for Housing, Planning & Local Government." (May 2018)

LCC – Health & Public Interest: "That this Council calls on the Oireachtas to enact the Life Saving Equipment Bill, 2017 into law" (Nov. 2017)

LCC – Health & Public Interest: "That this Council request that the Minister of Health Simon Harris T.D. ensure that the drug Orkambi for Cystic Fibrosis sufferers be included in the GMS and LTI Scheme." (Feb. 2017)




LCC – Corporate: "That a protocol committee be established in Louth County Council so that the members have a role in the operation of civic events in the County." (Nov. 2018)


LCC – Corporate - "That this Council recognises that the LCDC holds at least an equivalent status to any of the four SPCs of this local authority and accordingly insists that the minutes of same committee should be issued to all members as is the case for all of the four SPCs at a similar regular basis." (May 2016)


DMD – Corporate & Operations - "In light of the retrograde abolition of local burial boards that this Council support the creation of a Graveyard Sub-Committee made up of Municipal District Members, Council Officials, representatives of the Clergy and local Undertakers to discuss and contribute to the operations of St. Patrick's Cemetery Dowdallshill with a particular focus on the administration of the annual Patrun Sunday in the Cemetery." (Sept 2017)


DMD – Corporate & Operations - "That this Municipal District initiate a review of the Dundalk Appointed Stands Bye-Laws (2012) to assess its impact to date and that we invite the Garda Superintendent to the next available meeting to discuss this item" (Dec 2015)




LCC – Operations - That this Council investigate the feasibility of adopting the Community Hedge Cutting Grant Scheme in this local authority area as has been done in Clare County Council which encourages a joint approach between local residents and landowners to address the issue of ongoing maintenance of roadside boundaries. (Dec. 2016)

LCC – Operations - Due to the success and commitment of Cork City Council and Waterford City and County Councils in developing the Tramore Valley and Kilbarry Bog landfills into public amenity that this Council commit to developing the former landfill site on the Newry Road, Dundalk in a similar fashion encompassing the following points; 1. That this Council develop a strategic policy and vision for the transformation of the former landfill site into public amenity and that this features in the forthcoming Local Area Plan for Dundalk. 2. That this Council reaffirm a commitment previously given at the now abolished Dundalk Town Council that once developed priority on the site should be given to playing pitches (1 for each code) and a public park in recognition of the historic absence of such social infrastructure on the Northern end of Dundalk. 3. That the Council liaise with relevant officials from Cork and Waterford local authorities and that appropriate presentations are invited in due course. 4. Recognising the Council's present financial position that EU and national grant aid is to be sought for the project. (April 2015)


DMD – Operations - "Recognising various motions passed calling for traffic calming on the Armagh Road in the Council chamber since 2014, what is the Council's plan to deal with the ever-increasing traffic problem in this area and when is the expected delivery date of a report re same?' (Sept 2018)

DMD – Operations - "Can the members be provided with a report on the arrangements for the forthcoming patrun in St Patrick's Cemetery, Dowdallshill including the arrangements for the communications system to be in use on the day?" (June 2018)

DMD – Operations - "In light of the historic flooding problems on the Fair Green Road during periods of high tide that the engineers put in place a suitable strategy to address this problem." (April 2018)

DMD – Operations - "That this Council re-consider previous proposals to have a one-way system on Chapel Street to better improve traffic management in this area. That the template be the report submitted to Dundalk Town Council in November 2013 and that there then be a consultation process enacted across the wider Seatown area." (Feb 2018)

DMD – Operations - "That Louth County Council considers the introduction of traffic calming measures outside Faughart National School as a matter of urgency. In addition a review of the speed limit and signage is required." (May 2017)

DMD – Operations - "That the members be furnished with a list of all outstanding reports arising from notices of motions and question due to this Municipal District area, together with any additional reports due arising from correspondence between members and staff, together with an expected delivery date." (May 2017)

DMD – Operations - "That this Council commits to undertake a full audit of all bollards/reflectors and other measures at traffic islands and crossing points to ensure that all of these measures are illuminated at night-time across the Municipal District area. The motion recognises that to not do so contributes to additional traffic hazards." (Feb 2017)

DMD – Operations - "In respect of the former landfill site on the Newry Road a) that this Municipal District re-affirm the commitment previously given at Dundalk Town Council to develop the landfill site on the Newry Road as a public recreation and amenity facility and prioritise the development of three playing pitches, one for each code. b) that a representative of the EPA is invited to a Municipal District meeting or to meet Council members for a site visit to discuss the transition of the site from a landfill site to a public recreation and amenity facility and to discuss timeframe and ancillary issues." (Sept 2016)

DMD – Operations - "When can we expect a report into the feasibility of a pedestrian crossing at Quinn's Corner and further along the Castletown Town as per my amended motion adopted last year? " (Sept 2016)

DMD – Operations - "That this Municipal District carry out a review of the volume of parked traffic in the two areas listed below: a) Castle Road b) The greater Demesne area with a specific focus on Park Drive up to Ice House Hill in recognition with the difficulties that residents have in parking and accessing their homes in those areas at present." (June 2016)

DMD – Operations - " In light of the ongoing traffic problems in the vicinity that this Council seeks to install an all- way or four way stop crossing at Marmion's Cross, Kilcurry." (April 2016)

DMD – Operations - " In relation to the present status of St. Patrick's Cemetery, Dowdallshill I would appreciate clarification of the following: (a) As funds have been allocated to replace the railings in the Cemetery in this year's Council budget what is the expected start date for these works? (b) When can we expect to receive a report on the present condition of the Cemetery and a list of works undertaken etc, in advance of the forthcoming patrun Sunday as was indicated last year? (April 2016)

DMD – Operations - "Due to the historic problems with drainage in the Fr. Murray Park estate, that this Municipal District Council initiate a study and resolves to put in place a sustainable long-term solution to the issue." (Jan 2016)

DMD – Operations - "Given the significant traffic volumes on the Armagh Road, that this Municipal District initiate a feasibility study to attempt to install traffic calming measures and/or ramps at the junction of Lennon Melia Terrace/rear entrance to the Lisdoo Arms to complement measures already present at Lios Dubh/Coulter Place. Additionally, as the Armagh Road was unsuccessful as a low-cost safety measure last year, that it would be re-submitted again by the local authority for 2016 funding." (Dec 2015)

DMD – Operations - "That this Council re-examine the feasibility of improving pedestrian safety at the junction of Quinn's corner on the Castletown Road, given that the barriers in the area have been damaged recently, in a manner similar to a previous report furnished to Dundalk Town Council (by Peter McVeigh)." (April 2015)

DMD – Operations - "In next year's roads programme that this Council investigate the re-alignment of the Greyacre Road junction with the N53 in accordance with NRA specifications and conduct an additional visual survey." (April 2015)

DMD – Operations - "Due to the fact that the Planning Office recently granted permission to the OPW in relation to the former Customs Site on the Newry Road, what has become of the inspection report that was promised to me at the April Meeting of Dundalk TC last about the overgrown and unsightly nature of the site? (Dec 2014)

DMD – Operations - "That this Council install traffic lights or other traffic calming measures in the vicinity of the junction of Castletown Cross/Mill Road/Mount Avenue due to the high traffic volumes in this area, the counterflow of the traffic, and the proximity of nearby schools" (Nov 2014)

DMD – Operations - Recognising the expenditure and effort of this local authority in tackling dumping on the Lower Racecourse Road, that this Council erect and install a gate with pedestrian access immediately south of the last two houses on the Road"(Nov 2014)


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